Monday, November 15, 2010

Antibacterial Soaps: Why You Should Avoid Them Like the Plague

Antibacterial soaps DO NOT help your family stay healthy. They may even be making you sick!

Antibacterial soaps have been widely embraced as a way to “kill germs” and prevent illness. But not all bacteria are harmful. And not all “germs” are bacteria.

Some bacteria are beneficial and your body needs them. Antibacterial soap cannot distinguish between harmful and helpful bacteria. It kills all bacteria. When the healthy bacteria that your body needs have been “washed away,” it weakens your body’s defense system and makes it easier for you to get sick when you’re exposed to harmful bacteria.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Transitioning to Natural Shampoos

I received an e-mail from my sister yesterday who is having a challenge transitioning from synthetic shampoo to natural. She asked "Is the gumminess because of the buildup of the old shampoo? If I double wash each time I wash my hair will it go away faster?"

Have you had a poor result when you switched from the conventional shampoos to the natural brands? If so, read on... If you haven't gotten the courage to switch yet, then read this before you do.

Even if you've successfully switched without any problems, read this so you can share it with those you love when they make the switch. Everyone is unique, so your experience may be different than that of someone else trying the same product.

The Problem With Commercial Shampoos

The major brands of shampoos that make your hair silky soft, shiny and bouncy come with a cost. I'm not talking about the price either! It's the chemicals that the manufacturers put in these products and what they do to your hair.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Are You Cleaning Your House And Killing Yourself?

Have you ever wondered what's in those powerful household cleaners that makes them clean so well? Most of those you buy in the grocery store contain numerous toxic chemicals that can make you sick, or just gradually eat away at your health.

Here are some warnings found on the label of common household cleaners...

"HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS. DANGER causes severe eye and skin damage. Do not get in eyes, skin or clothing. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contamination of food. Wear goggles or face mask or rubber gloves ..."

"Hazardous to Humans and Domestic Animals. Warning: Causes substantial but temporary eye injury. Do not get in eyes or on clothing. Wear protective eyewear (safety glasses) Prolonged or frequent skin contact may cause ..."

"Warnings: Corrosive. Keep out of reach of children. Contains phosphoric acid. Causes eye and skin damage. Do not get into eyes, on skin or on clothing. Wear goggles or face shield and rubber gloves when handling. Use in well ventilated areas. Harmful or fatal if ..."

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Benefits of Goats Milk Soap

"Goat milk contains lots of nutrients like fats, proteins and other hormones that naturally benefit the skin. The benefits of goat milk soap can be felt by people suffering from various skin conditions or those just wanting to maintain youthful, rejuvenated skin."

Some of the most important benefits include...

Goat milk soap has a pH level similar to that of human skin; so, it protects the skin from the onslaught of daily bacterial and chemical invasions.

It also has superior moisturizing benefits that surpass that of commercial soap because of the natural creams in goat's milk.

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