Monday, June 18, 2007

Dying To Look Good Excerpt #59

Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Ingredients

S       Abies alba – see fir oil.
S       Abies sibirica – see fir oil.
X       4-ABP – synthetic; carcinogenic contaminant in some hair dyes; IARC Group 1.
C       Acetic ether – synthetic solvent; see ethyl acetate.
XA       Acetone – synthetic solvent; petroleum derivative; eye, nose, throat and skin irritant; may cause light headedness, nausea, coma, nail splitting, peeling and brittleness; lung irritant if inhaled; narcotic in large amounts; neurotoxin; has caused liver, kidney, and nerve damage in lab animals; extremely toxic.

Note 1: The codes to the left of each additives indicate the safety of the additive when used for intended purposed in cosmetics and toiletries.

*       GRAS - Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA.

o       FDA approved colorant

†       CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) Expert Panel considers this ingredient safe

S       There is no known toxicity. The additive appears to be safe.

A       The additive may cause allergic reactions.

C       Caution is advised. The additive may be unsafe, poorly tested, or used in too many products we use on a regular basis.

C1       Caution is advised for certain groups in the population, such as pregnant women, infants, persons with high blood pressure, kidney problems, etc.

X       The additive is unsafe or very poorly tested.

Note 2: IARC Groups are the International Agency for Research on Cancer ratings for the cancer-causing ability of different chemicals. Group 1 chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans. IARC Groups 1-4 are defined on page 44 in Dying To Look Good.

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