Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ingredients In Your Shampoo – Important! Read This Before You Buy!

Shampoo ingredients are most likely the last thing on your mind when choosing your shampoo. You're probably most interested in what the shampoo is going to do for your hair. How soft, silky and shiny will it make your hair look? Does it make it look healthy? What about repairing damaged ends? Will it make your hair look thicker? Will it give you great looking hair like those models you see in the TV commercials?

These are the kinds of questions that the manufacturers have conditioned you to think about. They spend millions of dollars on advertising campaigns telling you all the wonderful benefits their shampoos offer your hair. Reading the ingredients list on your shampoo bottle before you buy is the last thing they want you to do.


The majority of shampoos on the market contain ingredients that have harmful effects on your body. A number of these ingredients even cause cancer.

Why should you be concerned about cancer-causing ingredients in your shampoo? You only use it on your hair. What's the harm in that?

That's a good question. The ingredients in your shampoo, like in any product you use on the outside of your body, can be absorbed through your pores into your bloodstream. A number of the shampoos containing cancer-causing chemicals also contain ingredients, called penetration enhancers, that increase how much of the ingredients actually get absorbed into your body.

But, that's not all.